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Dilapidations & Maintenance

When considering taking a lease of commercial property of any kind, be it a shop, an industrial unit, a warehouse etc it is essential to have an idea of your future maintenance liabilities during and at the end of the lease term.
If you are a landlord or a tenant we can help and advise regarding the condition of property at the beginning or end of a lease by preparing, as necessary, a schedule of dilapidations at the end of the lease, or a schedule of condition at the beginning of, or during, a lease term. 

We can provide advice on commercial property maintenance issues for all types of organisations and for all types of property. We offer tailor made and detailed condition surveys of the interior or exterior of your property and assist with the planning of maintenance projects and budgets.
We can advise you of future maintenance requirements and liabilities with estimates of costs for the years ahead, in order to assist you with your maintenance budget. 

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